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Welcome to the IN-SYNC Group

The IN-SYNC Group is a 21st Century Fin-Tech Group of companies providing specialist accountancy, outsourcing, and financial services to our clients.

The companies that comprise the IN-SYNC Group

  • IN-SYNC Group Ltd
  • IN-SYNC Outsourcing Ltd
  • IN- SYNC Credit Services Ltd

We take pride in knowing that the services we provide have been created to add quantifiable financial benefits to the clients we work with. The simple reason clients choose to work with us is for the improved financial benefit they receive and for the consistent high levels of service we provide.

The Group has been created from a very strong base and is formed out of our successful and consistently profitable companies that the current partners built and created and have been operating nationwide for more than 12 years.

These companies are being brought together in a brand new location to form the IN-SYNC Group. Our new location and the benefits of all the companies being located together in one place will improve efficiencies and communication and we have invested further in new leading edge IT systems to speed up our processes and service levels.

 We currently deliver our services to over 53,000 clients (expect to exceed 90,000 by 2022) across a range of sectors: Construction, Rail, Logistics, Home improvement, Telecoms, Civil Engineering, infrastructure, Transportation and many more.

We are able to increase the revenue of a client who fully engages with us, on average by £4,000 per annum. 

Our IN-SYNC Group expert ranges of services are:

  • Accountancy and Tax recovery services (CIS Tax and Rebate services)
  • Business support and site relationship team
  • Limited Company Incorporation and Accountancy services
  • Outsourced business services including: Retention Management, Defects prevention, Risk Management, Financial Services, Administration and Business Support
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Product backed advances
  • Banking services
  • Payment services
  • Data collection
  • Substitution services platform for key clients

IN-SYNC Group have an annual turnover in excess of £250m and a combined Gross Profit of £14m, and have consistently achieved 20% plus growth per annum over the past five years. We believe we have built a reputation in the industry as a partner who can be trusted and a partner who will support client’s business plans, however unique they may be.